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E-COMPASS starts!

The Grant Agreement of the SME E-COMPASS Project was signed by the EC. The official starting date of the project is the 1st of January 2014.

Korinthos Chamber of Commerce - Workshop

The infoday in Corinth was decided to take place on Monday, 17th of February, at the conference hall of the Chamber in the center of Corinth city. The event was organized in the afternoon with duration of two hours and a half following a structured agenda.

For the event to be more appealing, the Chamber and the Greek RTD performers decided to invite two external speakers outside the project consortium; one from the private and one from the public sector. The external speakers were asked to make an introductory presentation a) about the current status of e-commerce in Greece and b) the opportunities provided by the new Framework Programme (Horizon 2020) for research and development SME initiatives. The coordinator and EPK invited Mrs Helen Spyropoulou, executive of Athens Chamber of Tradesman and National Contact on SMEs related calls of FP7. Mrs Spyropoulou’s presentation focused on the participation of Greek SMEs in FP7 calls and projects as wells as the funding opportunities and instruments that HORIZON 2020 provided to local SMEs. ETR invited Mr Panagiotis Gezerlis, General Director of the Greek Association of e-Commerce (GRECA), for giving a speech entitled “ E-Commerce: the hope of Greek SMEs to development”. The infoday was opened by an introductory speech to the audience by the President of Corinth Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Vasilis Nanopoulos, highlighting the opportunities given to the local SMEs to participate in the SME E-COMPASS Project and the motives and plans that the Chamber has for exploiting the e-commerce applications that the project will develop. The main presentations of the infoday were given by the RTD performers’ representatives. The project’s coordinator Mrs. Elena Avatangelou (EXUS) presented in detail the SME E-COMPASS project structure, consortium, objectives and benefits for the local SMEs. Then, two more technological presentations were held, one from Mr. Orestis Papadopoulos (ETR) regarding the data mining application and technologies that the project develops and a second one from Dr Nikolaos Thomaidis on the risks and threats that cyber-fraud and identity theft entails for e-commerce SMEs and how the anti-fraud software that the project will provide can monitor and secure the transactions of the local SMEs.


After the end of the first session, EPK representative Mr. Sotirios Korovilos elaborated on how the Chambers members can participate in the project and benefit from the applications and requested from the interested SMEs to fill-in the available form of expressing interest in the project. Mr. Korovilos also announced the implementation of an electronic survey for the local SMEs active in e-commerce and motivated the chambers members to fill-in the questionnaire that would shortly receive via e-mail. A Q&A session followed with the local SMEs requesting more information on the project, the partners’ expertise, the technologies implemented as well as how they can participate during the pilot phase of the project and access the applications after the project’s completion. After the end of the last session, a small reception with coffee and sweets was organised by the chamber for all participants and an informal networking session took place among the local e-commerce community, executives of the chambers, the key-note speakers and project’s partners.

Both the organisation and the outcomes of the infoday were considered to be successful and full meet our expectations. More than sixty (60) local SMEs and entrepreneurs participating in the event managed to get up-to-date and accurate information on various areas, including:

  • the E-COMPASS’s objectives and work plan
  • possible ways of collaboration via the chamber at the demonstration and evaluation phases of the project in 2015
  • current trends and national  statistics in e-commerce operations
  • funding instruments available for SMEs in the framework of Horizon 2020.

Additionally with the extensive media coverage and promotion of the project through the event, the local business community became aware of the E-COMPASS activities and its applications.

For the objectives of WP2, this infoday provided the opportunity to EPK and to the RTD performers to:

  • List the active and interest local SMEs in the project: Around thirty five (35) expression-of-interest-type forms were filled-in, containing contact details for each SME and the responsible contact person. Some of them, around 10, arrived from start-up e-commerce SMEs that are not yet fully functional to provide their user requirements but can serve as potential pilot-users during the evaluation phase of the project.
  • Shortlist local SMEs for organising focus group and interviews for collecting user requirements as well as for providing them the e-survey to fill-in.
  • Map those SMEs active in e-commerce.
  • Meet in person many of the e-shop owners and directors in Corinth region and get to know their plans and current challenges.


Infoday Panel: Mrs. Elena Spyropoulou (FP7 SME National Representative) on the podium, panel members from the left: Mrs Vasilis Nanopoulos (President of EPK), Mr. Orestis Papadopoulos (ETR), Dr Nikolaos Thomaidis (EXUS)


Corinth Chamber of Commerce SME members attending SME E-COMPASS Infoday


The following video from the workshop is in Greek Language, we thank for the provision of the multimedia coverage.

Kick-off meeting

The Kick-off meeting for the E-COMPASS project was held on January 9-10th, 2014 in Athens at EXUS premises. The consortium had a chance to discuss various aspects of the project and plan the actions to be followed through the requirements phase of E-COMPASS.

Focus group organised in EPK

On Wednesday 12th of March 2014, a focus group took place at the premises of Corinth Chamber of Commerce with the purpose of discussing and collecting user requirements from local e-shops. The focus group started at 18:00 and lasted till 21:00, while the last hour was dedicated to face-to-face interviews with selected participants. Five local e-shops and SMEs active in e-commerce were present. The focus group was coordinated by representatives of EPK, EXUS and ETR.

The focus group started with a presentation of the project and its objectives as well as with a brief description of the applications’ technology and decision support features. Each SME representative presented briefly its profile and operations and the main part of the focus group was based on discussions and Q&As focused on the Greek questionnaire of the e-survey as well as the guide drafted from the RTD performers for the focus group. Each SME participant had the opportunity to express current challenges with online business concerning marketing, advertising, national legislation, transactions and payment methods, analytics, typical cases of fraud and ways to deal with them. In the last session, two working groups were formed in which more in-depth discussions took place on the project’s applications and how SMEs can benefit from them. Through the interviews, the facilitators helped SMEs to define more precisely their user requirements and identify the online data that they collect and potentially can be processed by the project’s applications.

Focus Group by HALTON and FRAUNHOFER

In mid of April, a focus group workshop with 8 e-shop owners took place. The e-shop owners were grouped into two groups with 4 e-shop owners each. The two topics, anti-fraud and data mining, were introduced and discussed for one hour within two groups in parallel sessions. Afterwards the groups were swapped and the topics discussed in this new constellation.

For the data mining part, a workshop guideline was developed which allows the structured gathering of information of (1) the initial situation in terms of current challenges, used business processes, applied IT-systems with a strong focus on e-shops and web analytic tools, (2) the concept of the future situation which includes the new online data mining services and their functions, improved processes and additional service-based solutions, and (3) finally the motivation of making pilot users and their capability and willingness of sharing relevant information, such as web analytics metrics with the E-COMPASS online data mining services.

The main interviews with e-Shop owners in UK have been conducted on the 15th of April in Halton. A picture of the workshop and its participants is shown below.


Workshop in ATEVAL (SPAIN): E-Compass Project-New Tools for E-commerce

On 20 of May took place in Ontinyent (Spain) a workshop organized by ATEVAL and the University of Malaga (UMA), in which the SME e-COMPASS  project was presented to companies involved in the business of e-commerce, services companies and the general public interested in.

The workshop  turned out very dynamic, establishing a colloquium highly enriched among the participants, bringing their experiences, needs and expectations in  reference to develop applications for the implementation of fraud and data mining for marketing. 14 companies attended and were informed about the Project.






Chamber's of Corinthia President delivered a speech-presentation on SME E-COMPASS Project at KORINTHIA 2014 EXPO

President of Corinthia Chamber of Commerce, Mr Vasilios Nanopoulos, presented to local authorities of Corinthos and to regional companies, the benefits that SME E-COMPASS Project brings to Greek SMEs active in e-commerce. The speech-presentation took place the 4th of October during the Session on "Regional Businesses Development" organised in the context of KORINTHIA 2014 EXPO, in Corinthos, Greece (




Workshop at ATEVAL on 18/12/2015

Workshop on 18/12/2015 on new applications for electronic Commerce and Live test with pilot companies.


Action 24 Workshop 181215 4

In December 2015, Halton Chamber, on behalf of the E-Compass consortium, hosted the
final event for the project to an audience of 40 delegates, including business representatives
and key partner organisations, to promote the project and to inform the audience on the
functionality and benefits to SMEs of both the anti-fraud and data mining applications.
IMG 1658

On the 8th of May 2015 a demonstration workshop was held in Bilbao in order to present the project’s online tools among the Basque SMEs interested in participating in the project as pilot users. Five SMEs attended the workshop and together with two additional SMEs that were not able to attend GAIA supported by CICtourGUNE achieved to involve a total of SEVEN e-shops to carry out pilot testing of the E-compass software solutions.



The SME-Ecompass team has participated in the event with a stand to promote and disseminate project results. The stand was composed of two posters, one about the data mining application and the other about the anti-fraud software.




Chios E-COMPASS Demonstration & Dissemination Event (DECEMBER 2015)

The 2nd of December 2015, EPK co-organized a demonstration & dissemination event for the SME E-COMPASS project with Chios Chamber of Commerce (, at the island of Chios, Greece. The objective of this event was to demonstrate both applications and engage the local e-shops in two weeks pilot trials. 




e-COMPASS CLOSING Event for Greece (DECEMBER 2015)

Korinthos Chamber of Commerce with the co-organization of GAIA held the 18th of December the Project’s Closing Event for Greece. This closing event has as an objective to raise awareness of the project’s achievements, to demonstrate the applications and to disseminate the knowledge and the experiences exchanged among the SME-AGs and their members during the project’s life-time. To this end, GAIA was a co-organizer of the event, and her representative Mrs Itziar Vidorreta presented to the Greek audience pilot cases and challenges that Basque e-shops and e-commerce actors faced during the project’s pilot rounds.






The 29th of September 2015, EPK organized in its premises an event for presenting to the local enterprises and entrepreneurs best practices of local innovative and exporting SMEs of various industries. In this context, E-COMPASS project was also presented to the audience (50 SME owners and local citizens), dissemination material of the project was distributed and an open call for interested local online SMEs for becoming pilot users of the project’s services was announced.





Halton Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise (HALTON) – UK

Fraunhofer IAO (FRA)-Germany



Korinthos Chamber of Commerce (EPK)-Greece

Estudio Cero Soluciones Informaticas S.L. (CERO)-Spain

Fornaro Business Agency OE (FBA)-Greece

University of Malaga (UMA)-Spain

Centro de Investigación Cooperativa en Turismo (CIC)-Spain


MeetNow (MTN)-Germany

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